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Supporting employers to advance gender equality and prevent violence against women

“It’s not just an impactful accreditation programme, but an approach which makes good business sense to unlock the potential of women in the workforce.”

Aberdeen City Council

“We’ve learned quite a bit more about our own organisation through the data, but we still have more to do to build on how to change our culture.”

Shetland Islands Council

“We are more optimistic across all areas and we’ve made progress in every area. We’ve either started change or made quite big changes.”

North Lanarkshire Council

“The pilot has really allowed us to focus on gender inequality in the workplace and has provided a real impetus for us to do something about it.”

Highland Council

“It’s given us access to information and knowledge that we wouldn’t have been able to access. The resources and promotional material have been a great strength given our tight budgets.”

Midlothian Council

  • In Scotland there is a 10% gender pay gap
  • 1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime in Scotland
  • Over 70% of women reported having experience or witnessed sexual harassment in the workplace in Scotland