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The benefits

Why become accredited

By participating in Equally Safe at Work, you’ll benefit from the reputational gains of the accreditation programme and demonstrate leadership on advancing gender equality and preventing violence against women. Becoming accredited will increase your capacity for addressing the inequalities experienced by women in the workplace. You’ll receive tailored support from Close the Gap in developing gender and violence against women-sensitive employment practice. You’ll also have access to best practice guidance, capacity building, and awareness raising material.

The business and economic benefits of gender equality at work

There is clear and mounting global evidence on the business and economic gains of taking steps to advance gender equality at work. Gender equality is a critical driver for improved business performance and a worldwide catalyst for economic growth.

Becoming accredited will enable you to:

  • Benefit from a wider range of skills, experiences and perspectives in problem solving which boosts productivity and drives excellence in service provision.
  • Recruit from a wider talent pool which better reflects the community that your organisation serves.
  • Enjoy increased employee morale, productivity, and retention.
  • Be a sector leader by demonstrating your commitment to preventing violence against women.