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What's involved

What does the programme look like?

The programme is organised in six standards which align with women’s workplace equality:

  • Leadership
  • Data
  • Flexible working
  • Occupational segregation
  • Workplace culture
  • Violence against women


Framework graphic

Equally Safe at Work is a tiered programme which enables you to progress from building a foundation for change to embedding a strong culture of gender equality within the organisation. The bronze, silver and gold tiers are cumulative, and you may progress to the next level once the required criteria at each stage is achieved and maintained.

You will receive support to undertake training, collect and analyse data, develop initiatives, and review and update policies, practices and resources. We provide the Equally Safe at Work handbook which sets out the evidence for change and advice and guidance on how to develop best practice; targeted awareness raising material; and direct bespoke support while working towards the different tiers.