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What's involved

The pilot programme

Equally Safe at Work is an innovative pilot programme that provides employers with a framework to guide their work on women's workplace equality and violence against women. It enables an improved understanding of the causes and consequences of women's workplace inequality and how this relates to violence against women at work and in wider society.

The programme has been developed to support your organisation to meet a number of standards under six key areas:

    • Leadership
    • Data
    • Flexible working
    • Occupational segregation
    • Workplace culture
    • Violence against women

You will receive support to undertake training, collect and analyse data, develop initiatives and review and update policies, practices and resources. We provide targeted awareness raising material, an Equally Safe at Work handbook and direct support through the programme.

Equally Safe at Work is a tiered accreditation programme which enables you to progress from building a foundation for change to embedding a strong culture of gender equality within the organisation. The bronze, silver and gold tiers are cumulative, and you may progress to the next level once the required criteria at each stage is achieved and maintained.

How to become an Equally Safe at Work employer

Equally Safe at Work is currently being piloted with seven of councils in Scotland. We are not currently extending the pilot to other organisations. Following successful evaluation of the pilot, Equally Safe at Work will be open to expressions of interest from other employers.